Northeast Pennsylvania Community Tree Association

A Community Tree Association is an organized group comprised of municipal tree commissions, beautification committees, private organizations, foresters, green industry representatives, and concerned individuals that have come together to share expertise and experience, collaborate on key issues, and provide a forum for discussion and education on the management and care of community trees.

Under the umbrella of Pennsylvania Community Forests, regional tree associations are building cooperative organizations for support and networking opportunities among its members.

Tree associations provide a regional voice to a statewide program with seats on the Board of Directors of Pennsylvania Community Forests. They are run by people who are actively involved in local community forestry programs, and are familiar with the many obstacles facing their programs. Members are empowered through networking, educational programs, and group discussion.

The Regional Community Tree Associations have amplified the outreach efforts of the program. Contact the Extension Urban Forester in your region for more information about tours, meetings, and other events.

Pennsylvania Community Forests has benefited tremendously from the addition of regional input and a grass roots approach to the statewide program.

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