Colors for your wall

When moving into a new place, you might want to think to re-paint your home with new colors. Although it sounds weird, colors are believed to affect your mood and also the feel of your home. Here we have listed several primary colors that are best suited to specific rooms in your house, make sure you read them and pick the best color for your new place.

Red or Maroon

Just like the color of our blood, the color red raises the mood, excitement, and energy level in the room. It also shows strong first impression when you’re bringing guests over to your place; this color is perfect for dining rooms, it increases your appetite while also making good remarks when you bring guests over.

Tip: if you can’t bring yourself to paint your dining room with red, add a hint of red instead, such as a red colored clock or roses as decorations would help a lot.

Blue or Turquoiseasdasdasd

The color of the sea, this color brings calmness and relaxation to your mind, often recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms. Although blue brings peace to the room, avoid the color dark blue as this color might evoke the feeling of sadness, which is not something you would want in your place.


Green is considered as one of the most restful colors to chose for your room; green is perfect for your bedroom or family room, which compliments your couch while also relieving your stress after a long day from work. Although suited for your bedroom, green can also be used to cool things down in the kitchen (in case you don’t want too much excitement in there). This color promotes comfort, fertility, and togetherness which is considered a staple in family houses.

Neutrals color

Black, gray, white and brown are considered as neutral colors in the room; their purpose is to balance the scales in the place, to calm things down in case the color is too much. White can bring calmness but not as relaxed as blue does, a hint of black can give more depth on your room while brown gives a peaceful feeling.

Choosing colors for your new place can be quite hard, our advice, in the end, is to determine colors that fit your liking, or maybe consult with professional interior designer regarding the colors you want, they can give opinions and advice on the colors you like while also fitting the feel of your place.