Reasons to install a fence

Whether you’re buying, renovating or moving into a new house, you might want to install a fence in your place. But should you? Installing a fence in your home can get quite expensive, but it is worth every dollar on investing it. Here we have listed several reasons on why you should install a fence on your house, starting from property value to security reasons.

Increasing your property value

Believe it or not, installing a fence on your home increases your property value compared to a house that has no fence installed. It is also that a house that comes with a fence installed might have an increased property value up to 10%, which is something you want in case you’re going to sell your property in few years in the future.

Tip: always tell your real estate agent that you have the fence installed, complete with the details of dates, maintenance and also what type of material it is made of. The data that you have will be used as a proof to increase the value of your property.

Safety for your children and pet

You might want to put those fences as soon as possible if you have a kid or pets. That fence will keep your child and pets to run out of the house and getting into a car crash, and also the wall is there to keep your dogs from biting some random strangers.

Tip: if you only need these walls for your pet, there’s always a dog-fences that are made to keep your pets inside purposely.

Marking property lines

Some people don’t understand where your property starts and ends, and this is where a fence will come in handy, sparing you from any conflicts and lawsuits from trespassers. A fence will keep strangers from trespassing your place whether intended or not, stepping on your plants, and also inform them about your boundaries.

Decorative purposes

A fence can add a lot of aesthetic values to your house, picking the right style to fit with your home. The style of the fence can come in different shapes and sizes, according to what you want that is, maybe you want it in a Victorian era? Or probably more of a modern style? The choice is limitless, as it is up to you to style your place.

Those are the few reasons why you should install a fence, another one of our tips is to consult with a professional while also review your rules and restrictions, just to see if you meet the requirements to start working on it.