How to clean your couch

Your couch is the second place where you can sit, lay and just laze around, besides the bed that is. And a sofa is a nest for bacterias, especially if you like to eat snacks while sitting on your couch, chips and small pieces of food might slip and becomes an excellent food for bacteria and germs. Cleaning your big sofa can be a hassle, but here we have listed several ways on how to clean your furniture, make sure you read this article to get rid of that dirt.

asdasdasdVacuum your couch

Use a hand vacuum or mini vacuum to clean your couch, make sure you get into the crevis where there’s a lot of dirt and pet hair in there. If you the cushions are removeable, remove them immediately and start cleaning deep inside the sofa. If you have a lot of pet hair on your couch, a lint roller will be the solution to all of your problems.

Clean the footasdasdasd

The foot of your sofa is most likely to be made out of wood or metal, and those materials are safe to be cleaned with water. Dip a cloth with warm water and a liquid dish soap, and just scrub the foot of your couch to clean it thoroughly.

Tip: if you have a sock that you need to wash you can use this to scrub the foot instead of using a cloth, this will save you time and detergent.

asdasdasdGetting rid of stains

Getting stains on your couch is something that we can’t avoid, sometimes spilling and accidents happen, but we’re here to help you get rid of the stains on your sofa. Mix some vinegar, dish soap and warm water for a DIY couch cleaner, which saves you some money and also harsh chemicals on your couch.

Tip: if you spilled coffee on your sofa, one of the steps that you can do is pour some flour and use a hand vacuum before proceeding to spray your DIY cleaner.

Give your couch some time to dry

One of the biggest mistake people do is not giving their sofa enough time to dry, if you try to sit on before your couch is dry is that it is still damp and it’ll get very smelly, which makes all of your hard work turn into a waste. If possible try to get some sunlight on your couch, this will kill some of the bacteria while also making sure your sofa doesn’t smell damp.…